Cu Chi Base Camp Page 2
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Danny askew.
A photograph of Danny Askew, a good friend and second RTO of my father. This photograph was taken by a soldier of the fourth platoon, James Barker at the Cu Chi base in November of 1966. Danny Askew recently sent us the photo through email and he said, "The picture was taken between the hootch and the ammo bunker with the FDC in the far background." Danny Askew also took the photo of my Father and Hai at Trang Bang.

 James Larsen
A photograph sent to us by James R. Larson, the 3rd platoon's RTO for Lt. Rosenheim. He is drinking a beer at the Cu Chi base sometime in 1966.

 James Larsen
Another photograph from James Larson. Larson on the right with helmet hangs out with a few buddies with what appears to be a helicopter landing strip in the background.

Dad with Beer.
A photograph of my Dad in late 1966 at the Cu Chi base. This photograph was taken shortly before he was transfered to a unit in the U.S. Army of Vietnam. He is wearing the non-tropical weather Olive Drab utilities and is drinking an Australian beer.

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